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Summer 2

Arizona: Wonder of the World

This half term's project with deepen their understanding of both physical and human geography, with a focus on rivers and how they are formed. During the first part of the term, through English, we will explore the natural beauty of Arizona and why it is a popular tourist destination. We will write a persuasive leaflet to encourage tourists to visit this unique environment. Next, as Georgraphers, we will focus on rivers, researching both the Colorado river and our local river (Loddon). We will create our own playground river to explain and visually see the different features of a river before travelling to the river Loddon itself to conduct a river field study.

Our final piece of writing will be in the form of a poem: children will personify the river which will be used in our video stimulus. In our music lessons, we will listen to natural sounds (rustling trees, trickling rivers etc) before trying to imitate them using a variety of techniques. These sounds will be recorded and used in our final outcome.

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Summer 1

Ancient Greeks - What have they ever done for us?

This half term, the children were historians! After locating Greece on a map and identifying where in time the Ancient Greeks lived in comparison to other civilisations, we used a range of enquiry skills, and a variety of historical sources, to explore what life was like during the period, and the influence that they had on the Western World. Children were taught to understand the scope and range of Greek ideas, achievements and ways of life that are still current or influential today, and have also been influential in past eras. In our English lessons, we wrote a myth about their newly created Greek God/Goddess, before producing a pocket guide about the Greeks, inspired by the lonely planet guide.

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Spring 2

Are we responsible?

 This half term, we considered the importance of conservation and living sustainably, in order to protect the future of our planet. To begin with, we read and unpicked the text 'Tower to the Sun', where we shared our personal responses about the impact that humans have had in the story over time, and what this might look like in the future. We then looked at a range of endangered animals (some of which we saw during our visit to Marwell Zoo) and discussed some of the reasons why they are being harmed or killed. We wrote non-fiction texts to inform and, when we returned from Marwell, we then prepareed our persuasive and informative 'peaceful protests' in teams, showcasing our learning to the rest of the school and encouraging humans to make better choices for a safer and more sustainable future.

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Spring 1

Why did the Vikings invade?

We were Historians as we explored the period of history when the Vikings invaded the British Isles. Building on our previous learning in years 3 and 4, we discussed why, like the Romans, the Vikings thought it was necessary to settle in Britain; we explored the impact of 'invasion' and gained an understanding of what life would have been like both for those living in Britain, as well as those who attempted to invade and conquer. As part of their English lessons, the children wrote a series of texts, including narrative, and recounts, which enabled them to really understand what life was like during the historic period. At the end of the project, the children created their own Norse hero; they then wrote persuasive letters to be sent off to Marvel, encouraging them to include their character in a future movie!

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Autumn 2

Who are the Rogues?

During this project, we explored how the way that we perceive and treat others can impact our own lives. Considering the themes of stereotyping and judgement, we discussed and evaluated the importance of forming opinions based on fact and evidence. Through our English lessons, and using a range of texts as a stimulus (Pirates and Pistols, Treasure Island and 'The Highwayman'), we wrote a series of descriptive and narrative pieces, as well as performance poetry. In preparation for their performance to parents at the end of the half term, the children designed and made tie-dye bandana using batik in art, and  sequenced a 'pirate-themed' dance in PE.

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Autumn 1

Children's Rights: Right or Wrong?

Welcome to Year 5! Your teachers this year are Miss Blagbrough and Miss Weston, supported by Mrs Bird and Mrs Greene. PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Reading logs should be in school every day (children need to read 5x a week) and homework will be handed out on Thursdays, to be completed by the following Tuesday.

The UNCRC sets out the rights that should be available to all children. Article 32 of the UNCRC states that  children have the right to protection from work that harms them, and is bad for their health and education. Throughout the first half term, we explored how, with the introduction of the Children's Acts, our rights have improved and developed over time. We compared our rights today, particularly linked to our education, to children living in the Victorian era, Supported by the classic text 'Oliver Twist', children explored, and appreciated, how children's rights have developed over time. As well as this, through our book study ('The Lost Thing'), we considered the importance of every living being, no matter where they come from, receiving the rights that they are entitled to, and how we can better ensure that nobody has these rights taken away.

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