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Welcome to Year 6!

Miss Chapman & Mrs Keefe are your class teachers this year. PE days are currently (Summer 1) Monday and Wednesday and you will need to bring your reading log to school every day, making sure you read at least 5x a week. Homework will be handed out on a Thursday, to be marked together, as a class, on the following Tuesday.

It's really important, this year, that you develop a homework routine. We suggest 30 minutes of homework each night (reading, times tables and Doodle Spell/English).


Summer 1

What is the 'real' truth?

This half term, we are historians once again, as we explore the impact of the Second World War on Basingstoke and its surrounding areas. Prior to SATs week, we will look at the beautiful – and incredibly thought-provoking – picture book ‘Rose Blanche’, by Roberto Innocenti, discussing how WWII affected Great Britain but also the wider world around us. In our English lessons, we will take on a variety of viewpoints, focusing on how writers use language deliberately to convey character.

As part of our history sessions, we will evaluate how Basingstoke itself was affected by the war and how there is still evidence of this today. It is important to gain an understanding of the significance of this period, including how children were affected during the time. Exploring the themes of ‘cause and consequence’, we will use a range of primary and secondary sources to form an understanding of how, and why, the war took place – and what happened in its aftermath.

Summer 1 Project Overview

Summer 1 Rationale

Summer 1 Home Learning


Spring 2

Tales of Times Forgotten...

 For the second half of the spring term, we were motivated historians, as we explored the legacy of the Mayan Civilisation. Using our key question: Were the Maya really civilised or were they simply barbarians?, we interpreted and evaluated a range of primary and secondary sources, comparing how the Mayan period differed to other civilisations around the world. In our English lessons, we wrote a variety of texts including persuasive adverts, narrative extracts and non-chronological reports, using our historical understanding to support us. Through art, we used mod-roc and acrylic paint to design and make our own Mayan Death Masks! At the end of the half term, our learning was showcased in the Time Travellers' Station, for other Manor Field children.

Spring 2 Rationale

Spring 2 Project Overview

Spring 2 Home Learning


Spring 1

A 'matter' of curiosity!

During Spring 1, our project had three parts and allowed the children to explore a fantastic, thought-provoking text, linked to the UNCRC, called 'The Island'. Following this, they  took part in our science week, where we were visited with Mr Cushing, who taught us all about the scientific forces acting on a water rocket when it is launched. We then presented our understanding through scientific explanation texts. Finally, during the last two weeks of the half term, we used Philip Pullman's 'Northern Lights', supported by clips from 'His Dark Materials', to look at how authors convey character through deliberate language choices. Our project ended with the children writing their own adventure narratives, which we will share with Year 3.

Spring 1 Project Overview

Spring 1 Rationale

Spring 1 Home Learning

Autumn 2

Ambassadors for Change!

Throughout our project, we used David Attenborough’s film “A life on our planet” to inform us of the impact that human choices have on our environment; this inspired us when writing our own persuasive speeches for a better world. We explored some of the different biomes around the world and how they are rapidly changing. 

 Our topic came to an end when we graduated as Rights Respecting Ambassadors for the school, becoming role models to our younger peers.

Autumn 2 Project Overview

Autumn 2 Project Rationale

Autumn 2 Home Learning

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Autumn 1

The Glarings...

For the first week of the half-term, we  explored and unpicked our School Agreement, as well as some of the key articles from the UNCRC. The children were extremely curious and motivated to learn about our four new 'House' ambassadors: Nelson Mandela, Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King!

Our project, inspired by the story 'Varjak Paw', by S F Said, then begins in Week 2.

Throughout the half term, we will explore the concept, and the importance, of belonging, both to Manor Field and to our wider community, as well as having our own identity. 

Following the theme, we will identify how Varjak is treated by his family, as he struggles to 'fit in'. We will unpick and analyse the key characters in the text, evaluating how negative choices can impact those around us. As principled and resilient Manor Field learners, we  will discuss and debate whether Varjak Paw should risk his life, for a family who have left him feeling 'different' and isolated...

Autumn 1 Project Overview

Autumn 1 Project Rationale

Autumn 1 Home Learning