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Autumn 2

Ambassadors for Change!

This half-term, we will be ‘Ambassadors for Change’, as we consider how we have the potential to make our world a better place.

Our key concept is: respect

Inspired by Sir David Attenborough’s film, “A life on our planet”, and the highly topical ‘Cop26’ debate, we will explore the impact that our human choices can have on our environment; this will inspire us when writing our own informative texts and persuasive speeches for a better world. We will research some of the different biomes around the world, with a focus on how they are rapidly changing. 

Autumn 2 Project Overview

Autumn 2 Rationale

Autumn 2 Home Learning

Autumn 1

The Glarings...!

For the first week of the half-term, we  unpicked our School Agreement and settled in to the Year 6 routines. During the week, we explored what being a Manor Field Learner should look like in the classroom and around school!

Our project then began, inspired by the story 'Varjak Paw', by S F Said.

Our key concept during Autumn 1 is 'belonging':

We explored the importance of belonging, both to Manor Field and to our wider community, as well as having our own identity. 

Following the theme of belonging, we explored how Varjak was treated by his family, as he struggled to 'fit in'. We unpicked the key characters in the text, evaluating how negative choices can impact those around us. As principled and resilient Manor Field learners, we  discussed and debated whether Varjak should risk his life for a family who had left him feeling 'different' and isolated...

Autumn 1 Project Overview

Autumn 1 Project Rationale

Autumn 1 Home Learning