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Summer 1

Relocation, Relocation!

During the first half of the Summer Term, Year 4 will be working as Geographers! Building on their work on the Lake District in Year 3, we will be exploring Iceland, and comparing it to where we live. In teams, we will present our learning through tourist boards, where we will explain why tourists visit Iceland, and what the physical and human features of the country are. During our Art lessons, we will be using paint to create our own 'fire and ice', Iceland-inspired pieces and as part of our RRE, we will discuss what makes a 'home' unique, as well as why homes differ around the world.

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Spring 2

Monsters vs Manor Field?

Oh no! We arrived at school at the start of the half-term to a terrible mess! Using our curiosity and detective skills, we explored the shared area and the Woodland Walk, before realising that monsters had invaded!

During the project, we found out about the Manor Field monsters, before designing our own, and creating and sharing monster narratives. Furthermore, in DT, we used pneumatics to make our monsters come alive. At the end of the topic, we ran our own 'Manor Field Cinema', where we successfully showcased our very own stop-animation movies!

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Spring 1

A Lasting Legacy?

During the first half of the Spring Term, we were working as 'Historians, as we explored what life was like in Britain before, during and after the Romans invaded. Supported by a visit from the Theatre Exchange Company, we immersed ourselves into life in the Roman Empire, as well as reflecting on the legacy that they have left behind. 

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Autumn 2

Pop to the Shops!

During Autumn 2 in Year 4, we were presented with an exciting challenge from Lord Alan Sugar! In teams, we designed, marketed and presented a decorated cake design, Lord Sugar then chose which teams he would hire as aspiring businessmen and women.

From this, we applied for jobs in the Manor Field Shop, which took place in December. Throughout the project, we designed and made our own products to sell to customers... We certainly had what it took to run a successful, skilled, business.

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Autumn 1

Who deserves to inherit the Chocolate Factory?

In Year 4 last half-term, we were exploring one of Roald Dahl’s most magical stories:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Mr Wonka could no longer look after the factory and it was time to find a new owner. We explored and evaluated each of the possible candidates, before taking part in a Committee Board Meeting, along with Mr Wonka himself, where it was decided, supported by our arguments, who would be awarded the factory.

As well as evaluating what makes a successful job candidate, we designed and marketed our own box of chocolates. Furthermore, we used PowerPoint to present our arguments about each of the candidates who were applying for the factory job. The winning PowerPoint was used during our Committee Meeting with Mr Wonka. Towards the end of the project, we also designed our own character and job candidate, before writing our own narratives about the ‘Mystery Room!

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