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Summer 1 - Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

This half term, the children will be learning about Iceland, building on their Geography learning in Year 3 about the Lake District. As geographers, they will develop their maps skills and their understanding of the physical and human features of Iceland. Volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers will feature as they focus on these physical features.

To conclude their project, they will create a safety guide or risk assessment based on the information they have found. These will then be available in the Mocktail bar for both parents and children to discover Iceland.

Summer 1 Overview

Summer 1 Rationale

Summer 1 Home Learning

Spring 2 - Ancient Egypt - A lasting legacy?

Throughout the half term, the children will be investigating whether ancient civilisations have influenced the way we live our lives today. There will be many opportunities for the children to be resilient, starting with our topic hook where they will follow instructions to start mummifying an orange. Children will explore Ancient Egyptian lifestyles and discuss whether they believe they left a lasting legacy. By the end of the topic, the children’s learning will be collected together to create a Manor Field Museum experience that children in the school will be invited to visit and learn about this fascinating period of history.

Spring 2 Overview

Spring 2 Rationale

Spring 1 - Monsters vs Manor Field!

Throughout the half term, the children will be investigating the monster invasion at Manor Field, and the consequences of this. Do the monsters ‘belong’ here?

 There will be many opportunities for the children to be curious, by asking questions, hypothesising and discussing ideas about the monsters and why they may have invaded Manor Field in the first place.

Using our digital literacy skills, we will be planning and creating our own monster animations. Using software, we will capture photos and use onion skinning to produce an effective animation.

 To conclude the project, the children will present their monster animations to an audience, in the hall for the Manor Field Cinema.

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Spring 1 Home Learning

Autumn 2 - Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Following on from travelling back in to the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, they will now become immersed in the period of time when the Anglo-Saxons were in Britain.

At the end of the project, we will make a class book called ‘Heroes not Zeros’. Everyone will make a page to contribute. This will be passed onto Year 5 as a re-cap opportunity when we start exploring the Vikings.

Autumn 2 Overview

Autumn 2 Home Learning


Autumn 1 - Who deserves to inherit the Chocolate Factory?

This project was aimed at reigniting children’s enthusiasm and stamina for reading and writing, using Roald Dahl as our inspiring author. With a focus on high-quality literature, and the importance of reading on our futures, the children in Year 4 explored the renowned children’s book, ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’, by Roald Dahl. Focusing on the Manor Field attribute ‘confidence’ along with the importance of being ‘principled fruits’, the children became familiar with Roald Dahl’s classic characters and the choices that they made during the story, including the consequences of these behaviour choices, and whether they are principled and rights-respecting. This gave them an opportunity to redevelop school routines and expectations using an integrated approach. Ultimately, they discussed and reached their own conclusions about which of the characters deserved to inherit the factory, debating our central idea: ‘Only principled children deserve rewards.’ They had the opportunity to present their opinions through a linear PowerPoint presentation, allowing them opportunities to work effectively as a team and to share their opinions with an audience.

Autumn 1 Overview

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Autumn 1 Home Learning