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Autumn 2

A Lasting Legacy!

During our History-led topic this half-term, the children will explore the impact of the Roman invasion in Britain, and what life was like before they conquered. This project will build on the work that the children have completed in Year 3, where they have studied the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age, a time when the Romans began to build their empire. The children will study Boudicca as a link from the Celts to the Romans. They will be able to give their own interpretation of the events reported by different historical sources. Whilst using the concept of invasion as a focus, this topic will offer children the opportunity to be curious about, and develop their understanding of, other historical ideas, such as impact and legacy. Throughout the topic, children will look at why the Romans invaded Britain, as well as the legacy of the invasion and the impact on life in Britain, and within the Roman Empire. The project does not only aim to increase the depth of the children’s factual knowledge and understanding; it will also focus on developing the children’s historical enquiry and chronology skills. The link with the Manor Field learning attribute ‘curiosity’ will mean that children will be particularly encouraged to frame their own historically-valid questions. Furthermore, they will also gain a greater understanding of historical enquiry through the exploration of artefacts. The children’s curiosity and creativity will help to motivate other aspects of their learning throughout the curriculum. For instance, children will create and design their own Roman mosaics, explore how the introduction of place value changed the number system and, in DT, will use their woodwork skills to design and make their own Roman Chariots! 

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