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Summer 1

Iceland: The land of fire and ice

10 Most Amazing Landscapes in Iceland - Epic Locations in Iceland You Have  to Visit – Go Guides


This half term, the children will be learning about Iceland, with Geography being our key focus. After revisiting their year 3 learning about The Lake District, children will develop their knowledge of Iceland and be able to describe where it is geographically, compared to the UK; developing their map skills, as well as understanding compass points. They will learn about physical and human features, including; volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers. In addition, children will discuss the positive and negative effects of tourism.

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Spring 2

Ancient Egypt: A Lasting Legacy?

This half term, the children will be historians as they explore whether ancient civilisations have impacted the way that we live our lives today. We will explore the fascinating Ancient Egyptians and will consider what contributions they made to society, observing, through our history sessions, what life was really like for them. Through English, we will write modern-day 'fractured' fairytales, discussing the effect of stereotypes both in the past and in the modern world. We will write instructions in the style of 'Horrible Histories' and, through art, will design and make our own clay canopic jars!

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Spring 1

Monsters Vs Manor Field
Cartoon Monster Vector Vector Art & Graphics |

Throughout the half term, the children investigated the monster invasion at Manor Field, and the consequences of this. Could the monsters possibly ‘belong’ here?

There were many opportunities for the children to be curious, by asking questions, hypothesising and discussing ideas about the monsters and why they may have invaded Manor Field in the first place.

 Using our digital literacy skills, we planned and created our own monster animations.  

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Autumn 2

Relocation, Relocation

Pining for the Fyrds: Saxons in Hail Caesar - Warlord Community

During our History-led topic this half-term, the children will explore the impact the Anglo Saxons had on Britain today, answering the key question: Were the Anglo-Saxons the ruin of Britain? Throughout the topic there will be many opportunities for children to be resilient, curious and reflective about the how the Anglo-Saxons lived.


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Autumn 1

Equality vs Equity



This project is aimed at reigniting children’s enthusiasm for reading and writing, using Roald Dahl as our inspiring author. Year 4 will explore the renowned children’s book, ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’, by Roald Dahl. Focusing on the Manor Field attribute ‘confidence’ along with the importance of being ‘principled fruits’, the children will become familiar with Roald Dahl’s classic characters and the choices that they make during the story, including the consequences of these behaviour choices, and whether they are principled and rights-respecting. They will discuss and reach their own conclusions about which of the characters deserve to inherit the factory, debating our central idea: ‘Only principled children deserve rewards.’

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