GSO Test

Summer 1

Travel Peru!


This half-term in Year 5 and 6, we will be developing our geographical skills. We will be writing a persuasive application form for a job as a Manor Field Travel Agency tour guide: specialising in the South American country of Peru. We will each contribute to a class travel guide and will be confident Manor Field learners as we strive to achieve our chosen level of tour guide accreditation. 

During the project, we will be visiting Winchester to learn more about tourism in our local area.

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Summer 1 Topic Overview


Summer 1 Project Rationale


Summer 1 Key Questions


Spring 1

Legendary Legacies


This half-term in Year 5 and 6, we used our historical enquiry skills to independently research an area of an ancient civilisation and how this impacted modern society. We presented our findings at our Upper School History Convention.

During the project, we visited the British Museum in London to learn more about ancient civilisations and how they have influenced our lives today.

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Spring 1 Topic Overview


Spring 1 Project Rationale


Spring 1 Key Questions


Autumn 2

Top Gear!

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Last half-term in Year 5 and 6, we worked towards presenting what we had learnt about forces and electricity at a Science Fair for the Year 3 children.

During the project, we visited Beaulieu motor museum where they researched cars to support their design of their own vehicles.

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Autumn 2 Topic Overview


Autumn 2 Project Rationale


Autumn 2 Key Questions


Autumn 1

To love or not to love

In Autumn 1, Year 5 and 6, studied William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet.

During the project, they applied their maths and digital learning skills to plan and prepare for a celebratory ball.

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Autumn 1 Topic Overview


Autumn 1 Project Rationale


Autumn 1 Key Questions