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Mrs Adam (Tomato Class) & Mrs Westerman (Grape Class) are your class teachers this year. This half term, your PE days are Monday and Wednesday. You will need to bring your reading log to school every day, making sure you read at least 5x a week. Homework will be handed out on a Friday, to be marked together, as a class, during the following week.

Summer 2 - What have the Romans done for us?

During our History-led topic this half-term, the children will explore the impact of the Roman invasion in Britain, and what life was like before they conquered. This project will build on the work that the children have completed earlier in Year 3, where they have studied the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age, a time when the Romans began to build their empire.

Throughout the topic, children will look at why the Romans invaded Britain, as well as the legacy of the invasion and the impact on life in Britain, and within the Roman Empire. The project does not only aim to increase the depth of the children’s factual knowledge and understanding, but it will also focus on developing the children’s historical enquiry and chronology skills.

At the end of the topic, the children will become historians and create a living museum in the Mocktail Bar, showcasing their research and demonstrating their understanding. This will require them to be resilient, which is our Manor Field Attribute for the half term.

Summer 2 Overview

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Summer 1 - Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? 

The children discover evidence that suggests The Big Bad Wolf has destroyed the Three Little Pigs’ homes and begin to investigate the truth behind the story. Opportunities are given to them to look at things from different viewpoints and to develop an understanding that there are at least two sides to every story. Using a range of subjects and skills, children will gather evidence to be able to consider whether the wolf is guilty or innocent. 

The topic culminates in a court case where the children must make a decision based on the evidence they have assembled. They decide whether or not the wolf is guilty, and with this, a means of punishment that doesn’t take away from him any of his rights.

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Spring 2 - Are we nearly there yet?

Using their Geography skills the children will learn about National Parks and what makes them special. Throughout the topic, the children will continue to develop their knowledge of their local area and compare it with another location, The New Forest. The topic will  link back to the central idea "National Parks and green spaces are special and need to be protected", with the children creating a tourism board about The New Forest, with a focus on how to respect and look after it.

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 Spring 1 - Our Story

Throughout the topic, the children will develop their understanding of what a community is. They will unpick the positive contributions that they can make within the different communities that they are part of. Considering their school and local community, the children will unpick how they can advise others of how to make a positive contribution.

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Autumn 2 - Through the Ages

By being curious, the children will explore artefacts from the prehistoric times and become motivated as historians for the rest of the topic.

Throughout the project, they will learn about the changes that occurred during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. They will learn about the developments that were made and how they benefitted the people who lived during these times. Our Year 3 historians, will finish the topic by create a tourist poster for Time Travel Tours for the period of time that they think was the best of the three to live in.

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Autumn 1 - What makes me special?

By exploring the characters of Lila (The Firework-Makers Daughter' and Nim (Nim's Island) the children will unpick the attributes determined, dedicated and motivated. The children will recognise the positives of these attributes and how they enabled the characters to fulful their ambitions. They will understand that barriers and stereotypes can be broken and how they can break down their own barriers.

The children will develop self-awareness about the skills and interests they have. After looking at their own skills, children will be able to articulate their aspirations for their futures.

Autumn 1 Overview

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Autumn 1 Home Learning