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Mrs Adam (Tomato Class) & Mrs Mancey and Mrs Jordan (Grape Class) are your class teachers this year. This half term, your PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. You will need to bring your reading log to school every day, making sure you read at least 5x a week. Homework will be handed out on a Thursday, to be marked together, as a class, on the following Tuesday.

Summer 1 - Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?

During the topic, opportunities will be given to look at things from different viewpoints and to develop an understanding that there are at least two sides to every story. Using a range of subjects and skills, children will gather evidence to be able to consider whether the wolf is guilty or innocent. Speaking and listening skills feature highly in this topic as children have the opportunity to speak in both formal and informal discussion, supported through drama.

To conclude our project, we will hold a court of law, where the wolf will be put on trial. The judge will listen to the evidence and come to a conclusion as to whether the wolf is sentenced as guilty or innocent.

Summer 1 Overview

Summer 1 Rationale

Summer 1 Home Learning

Spring 2 - Are we nearly there yet?

Throughout this topic, we will be geographers. We will learn about National Parks; What are they? Where they are? They will become tour guides for the Lake District and create a tourism poster that they will share with an audience. Linking back to the environment closer to home, the children will explore Brighton Hill and how the land is used. They will write persuasive arguments about why the green spaces should be protected.

Spring 2 Overview

Spring 2 Rationale

Spring 2 Home Learning

Spring 1 - What's your toy's story?

The children will be introduced to the characters of Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. They will unpick each character’s strengths and differences, and make inferences about likes and dislikes. By studying body language, the children will understand better the self-esteem of characters and themselves. Through discussion in groups, the children will unpick the question “Who is the most important toy in the toy box?” and how everyone belongs and brings different strengths.

By using further extracts from the visual text of the Toy Story film, the children will focus on the central idea that everyone has a positive contribution to make. Using their Design Technology work, they will write a narrative which involves their moving toy. 

Spring 1 Overview

Spring 1 Rationale

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Spring 1 Key Questions

Autumn 2 - What makes me special?

In the stories ‘The Firework-Makers Daughter’ and ‘Nim’s Island’, the main characters Lila and Nim demonstrate particular attributes: determined, dedicated and motivated; children will recognise these strengths and understand how they enable them both to fulfil their dream. Through their determination to succeed, Lila and Nim show that barriers and stereotypes can be broken – the children will be able to recognise their own barriers and work towards breaking them down.

 The children will develop self-awareness about the skills and interests they have. After looking at their own skills, children will be able to articulate their aspirations for their futures.

Autumn 2 Overview

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Autumn 2 Home Learning

Autumn 1 - Lost in Time

The children were challenged to bring the Stone Age, Bronze and Iron Age to life. Through recreating life during this time and recounting events, our historians created and presented an assembly to their parents and carers, as well as the whole school. The assembly explain how everyday life changed through this important period of history. In order to ensure a greater understanding of chronology, the children also studied the theme of tools and farming, linking this to modern day life and how inventions throughout history have impacted on farming.

Autumn 1 Overview

Autumn 1 Rationale

Autumn 1 Home Learning