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The Manor Field Learner

At Manor Field, we believe in equipping children with the skills they will need to learn effectively. Within our curriculum, we provide the children with opportunities to explore and develop the five attributes of a 'Manor Field Learner'.  

A Manor Field Learner is…


A Manor Field learner is motivated when there is something they want to do, there is a real reason for doing it and when they have achieved it, they will feel rewarded. Their motivation means that they keep going until they succeed. They take pride in their achievements and aspire to meet their goals.


A Manor Field learner is curious when they ask questions, investigate, explore and actively seek the answers. Through ‘I see, I think, I wonder…,’ they demonstrate the ‘want to know’.


A Manor Field learner is resilient when they come across a difficulty and show the ability to bounce back. They cope when things don’t go as expected. When things are a challenge, they know that they sometimes just have to persevere and they continue to look for a solution. They become confident in knowing how to learn.


A Manor Field learner is independent and through secure self-knowledge, is able to make choices about how they will best learn. They are able to organise themselves effectively, decide how to tackle a task and can make plans for completing tasks. When they encounter a difficulty, they are able to decide what strategies, equipment or resources (physical or human) they might need to support them. Self-motivation enables them to aspire to complete tasks to the best of their ability. When a task is complete, a Manor Field learner reflects upon their learning, evaluates it and edits it according to the success criteria that they generated.


A Manor Field learner is confident and self-assured in themselves. They have a ‘I think I can’ attitude towards their learning. They are able to celebrate their achievements and forgive themselves and others when things don’t go to plan. A Manor Field learner knows their strengths and isn’t afraid to admit their weaknesses. They aren’t afraid to present their opinions and ideas and value these in others.