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Teaching and Learning

Learning at Manor field Junior School

At Manor Field Junior School we are very proud of our approach to learning, which aims to develop confident and responsible learners.

We want our pupils to be successful in the future, whatever their strengths, so are committed to valuing and developing learning attributes, such as independence, as well as academic skills.

Our curriculum is based on a thematic approach to learning where real links and connections are made between subjects so that children can make sense of their learning. This is sometimes referred to as a cross-curricular approach to learning and we believe it works!

So what does this mean for your child?

The starting point of our work is based on purposeful activities, rooted in first hand experiences, so experiences are planned that will motivate and engage the pupils. 

All our topic themes are carefully selected to meet the objectives of the National Curriculum in a tightly focused way, yet are matched to the interests of the child.  In our classes you will see children engaged in tasks that have clear subject focuses, e.g. in English, the work will link to the topic theme.  For example, in Year 6 pupils will study the text type of diaries through exploring Anne Frank’s diary when they are studying World War 2.  Likewise, Year 4 will learn how to write clear instructions through recipe writing linked to a visit to Pizza Express as part of a food topic.

Our conviction that children learn from first hand experiences means that we provide rich and varied opportunities for them to develop their learning through enrichment. 

We make good use of the local environment and encourage a pride in Basingstoke.  We have links with many local business, leisure centres, churches and retail outlets where we arrange educational visits to enrich the curriculum.  In addition, visitors support
learning in school on a regular basis whether they be drama groups, sports coaches or engineers!  

Our pupils tell us that they enjoy their learning and can explain why our curriculum makes an impact.  Our aim is that our pupils, during their time at MFJS, develop the MF attributes:  A Manor Field learner is motivated, curious, independent, confident and resilient.

Learning through topics is really fun so I am excited to come to school in the morning ready to learn really cool things.


When we made our class cafe it helped me learn about shop keeping and counting money so one day I could do it all by myself.  


I think topics help me learn and study so I can get a better job in the future.  


When the dental nurse came in we learnt a lot of new things we didn’t know before.  


If you want to find out what your child will be studying in each subject within their integrated topic please look at our curriculum page and, of course, ask us if you require any guidance.