GSO Test



After a few weeks of excitement at school and getting ready, we finally arrived at Stubbington.  Hurray!  

We arrived at the centre, met the staff and discovered our room mates.  Having unpacked, it was time to explore!  The grounds are big and full of places to visit, things to see and things to do.  

Today's activities were about teamwork: chain gangs and shelters. The teachers delighted in testing our shelters to see how waterproof they were (or weren't!!)  The children worked well as part of a team and proved themselves to be excellent problem solvers. 

All of the children have learnt very quickly today that they are not likely to go hungry at Stubby! There has been plenty of food to keep us all going and they are certainly very tired after an afternoon of activities. All of the children are thoroughly enjoying themselves, and have commented on how much there is for them to do. 

Tomorrow, we're off to the beach in the afternoon, after a morning of some exciting challenges...!  Photos to follow....