GSO Test

Stubbington 2022


We can’t quite believe we are almost at the end of our Stubby adventure! This morning, we opened our mammal hotels and studied the creatures who had stayed overnight, before letting them back out into their  natural environment. After lunch, we went pond dipping and caught a variety of fish and other creatures that we identified using classification keys. As well as that, we worked in teams to dissect owl pellets, in order to identify which animal they preferred to eat. In both classes, it was clear that voles were their chosen diet!

Exciting times this evening as all of the children will take part in… THE ‘S’ FACTOR! All week, they have been practising a house song along with the other school, which they will perform later tonight. It’s then (hopefully!) a good night’s sleep before our final morning tomorrow. 

Friday morning will consist of a great ‘hide and seek’ style game around the conservation area, as well as packing (wish us luck!!) and one last yummy lunch before the journey home. Every single one of the children has had a fantastic week and we know that they are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow afternoon. Due to how busy the day will be, this is likely to be our final website update but we will let you all know once we have left tomorrow!



Thankfully, it has been sunny for most of today! This morning, we ventured to the beach to make rock pools, hunt for fossils and build sandcastles. Once we returned home this afternoon, we have explored the Stubby grounds for evidence of the wildlife that live here, before setting up and putting out our mammal hotels in the Conservation Area. Hopefully, we will find some furry residents in the morning!

The children are currently taking part in their ‘House Challenge’ before dinner. Tonight, both schools will then be joining together an activity. We are all having lots of fun and look forward to sharing everything with you on Friday.




Despite the rain and the wind, the children slept well last night and were absolute dorm-cleaning experts this morning. Don’t let them fool you: they folded, tidied and even picked up sock fluff from their carpets! The foxes were the winners of today’s inspection, much to Mrs Keefe (their leader!)’s delight!

The weather has been slightly unsettled again today but we would like to say how incredibly proud we have been of their teamwork. Both classes took on ‘Eggstreme challenge’ and the ultimate ‘Earthquake’ and every single child took part with a smile on their face. Not a single grump was had!! The centre staff also shared how impressed they were with everyone’s resilience and support for one another.

Currently, the children (and staff!) are watching a fantastic show led by wildlife photographer Dennis Bright. We then have a last opportunity to spot some animals in the Hide before bedtime. The badgers don’t seem to like the wet and windy weather but we spotted deer and foxes last night!

Some of the children chose to spend their pocket money on a postcard today to send home. Please be prepared that they may arrive after the children have got home, as quite a few are still yet to post them!



We arrived at the centre safe and sound and spent a short amount of time unpacking & touring the area until lunchtime. Once we had refuelled, both classes took part in shelter building and a team building challenge called 'Amazon Adventures'! 

So far, the children have all settled in well and have been assets to the school; their teamwork has been excellent, particularly as we have spent most of the afternoon outside in torrential downpours... We are all very grateful for the drying rooms! After house challenges, we will enjoy a yummy dinner before we take part in a calm class activity and a wildlife talk (and, of course, supper!).