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School Improvement Plan 2020-2023

The Manor Field Learner is encouraged, challenged and supported through an integrated, enriched approach to learning, based on real life contexts and delivered through purposeful activities. Where there are barriers to success, either academic, social or emotional, there is a commitment to work beyond them. Aspirations for - and expectations of - all contributors are high: Staff, Governors, Parents and children work together in partnership, supported by outside agencies, to achieve the best that they can. Participation from all is valued; there is an expectation that everyone will contribute to the team. The whole person is developed through a rights respecting ethos, underpinned by the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). When people leave Manor Field - adults or children - they take with them a sense of identity and belonging, and they recognise the contribution that they make to the 21st Century society.


We operate a three year School Improvement Plan.  Our current priorities are:

- To improve standards across the curriculum, particularly for disadvantaged children, and to further develop our children as ‘lifelong learners’, we need to: broaden their horizons, enrich their vocabulary, and develop their word consciousness and word curiosity for both spoken and written language.

- To improve standards in writing, we need to refine pupils’ technical writing skills so that they are: confidently able to write accurately for a range of purposes and audiences, adapting their grammar and vocabulary accordingly.

- To improve standards in maths, we need to, through a mastery approach: develop pupils’ conceptual understanding and mathematical comprehension so that, in a range of contexts, they confidently make links, derive other facts and independently check the reasonability of their answers, working efficiently and methodically.

- To explore the possibilities of developing children’s well-being through greater independence, an increased sense of identity, improved resilience, wider aspirations and increased motivation so that they take greater control of themselves, recognise that they can shape their own futures, appreciate who they are, take their place in the world and contribute towards a brighter future – both for themselves and also within the wider community and beyond.