GSO Test


We define resilience as the ability to cope when things become difficult.  Increasingly, in the world in which we live, it is more and more important to have strong resilience, and we have been working to develop good resilience habits amongst our staff, children and parents.  Predominantly, we have been using 'The Resilience Daybook' - a resource which uses visual metaphors and promotes the importance of meaningful conversations.

Every half-term, we take a new chapter from the Daybook to focus on.  Around school, and in our classroom displays, you will see evidence of our work and discussions, e.g. What do you need to do to flourish?  What do you do when you are facing an 'uphill struggle' and who can help you?  Are you a 'glass half-empty' or a 'glass half-full' person?

At Manor Field, we work as a team - staff, children and parents - to support and build our own and each other's resilience.