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Curriculum Intent (Vision)

Music gives the soul a universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything else.  (Plato)

Our vision is to nurture, grow and build a passion in our children for music.  This will allow the children to express themselves creatively through performing, composing and experiencing music practically.  We offer pupils the opportunity to experience these things through various instruments, tasks and musical experiences.  In addition, our weekly singing assemblies value music and help to promote a love for this subject.

Implementation of the curriculum

Our music curriculum is delivered through the Hampshire Music Service. Each class receives weekly "Listen To Me" lessons from a specialist music teacher. We are fortunate in our school to have Mr Jones as part of our team. He is a passionate and inspirational music teacher and the children greatly enjoy his lessons. As part of "Listen To Me", the children are taught to play a range of musical instruments focusing on different elements each term. These have included: ukulele, clarinet, samba, African drumming and keyboard. At the end of each half term, parents are invited to either attend a short music concert or to join in with a lesson.

We pride ourselves on our music provision for our children.

In addition to our music curriculum, we also offer Taiko Drumming as an after school club; Manafirudo Taiko.  There are only three youth Taiko groups in Hampshire and we have one of them!  If you haven't experienced Taiko Drumming, check it out on YouTube. It's amazing!

Education should develop each child's personality and talents to the full.  It should encourage children to respect their parents and their own and other cultures.  Article 29, UNCRC.

We also provide weekly tuition sessions for some of our children to learn how to play the clarinet. This is funded through our Pupil Premium funding.

Impact of our curriculum

At Manor Field Junior School we can judge the success of our music curriculum in the following ways:

  • Develop a love of music in various forms, the desire to listen to, perform and inspire curiosity in different genres and instruments seen through increased levels of participation.
  • Pupil conferencing shows children happy, engaged, creative, enthusiastic and motivated to do well and challenged.
  • Learning walks by subject leaders, senior leadership team, governors or external visitors – shows evidence of our intent in action and progress.
  • Evidence of learning is shown with photographs, video and recordings alongside planning and end of unit assessments.
  • Compositions and musical appreciation showcase the skills and knowledge experienced and taught.
  • Appreciation of how music can contribute to mood, relaxation, mental health and wellbeing.
  • High quality performances are shared with fellow pupils, parents and visitors.

We strive to ensure that our children‘s attainment is in line with or exceeds their potential when we consider the varied starting points of all of our children.

Music Curriculum Overview