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Curriculum Intent (Vision)

At Manor Field Junior School, we develop pupils’ curiosity and fascination in both their own surroundings and the wider world. We provide opportunities to study physical and human environments, starting in the United Kingdom and expanding to Europe and the rest of the world. As global citizens, we have a responsibility and duty to look after our planet and to ensure its sustainability, for future generations.

Fieldwork is integrated into every geographical topic, to allow the children to have a hands-on experience and bring the subject to life. Whether it is developing map skills, measuring river statistics or undertaking questionnaires, children can experience geography firsthand.

Article 29 of UNCRC states: Education should teach children to respect the natural environment.

Implementation of the curriculum

In our curriculum, there is one lead geography project a year for each year group. In addition, we enrich our geography curriculum throughout the year by making links to local, national and international events and we celebrate it through some of our other projects.

Impact of our curriculum

Our aim is for children at Manor Field to:

  • Understand the world: people, places and environments;
  • Undertake fieldwork to allow them to experience geography first hand;
  • Develop curiosity and respect for the world they live in and realise they have a part to play in ensuring its future.

 Topic Overview

Geography Knowledge Planners, 2020-2021:

Year 3: Lake District

Year 4: Iceland

Year 5: Arizona

Year 6: Peru