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Parental participation is strong at Manor Field and very much focused on the learning and well being of our pupils.

Whilst we don’t have a formal PTA, we do involve parents in many ways. The most significant involvement is through our Open Days, where we often get over 60% attendance from parents and carers.

At our Open days, you will have the opportunity to work with your child in their class, undertaking anything from clay work to a science experiment. Our parents really get engaged, often with grandparents, toddlers and other family members attending as well.

Also on offer is the chance to taste a school dinner, which is always popular and gives a chance for parents to actually taste what their child receives daily.

During these mornings, other members of our school community are invited to attend to be available to meet with parents. These include Kathy Gare (our parent support advisor), Community Police and Safety officers, Sovereign Housing, the School Nurse as well as pupils and staff from our linked school CBEC.



Visitors from the community are welcome to attend, too. Check our diary dates section for the next Open day event.

We do appreciate how hard it is for working parents so do try to publicise these events well in advance in order that people can make arrangements if possible.

Parental support for children's learning is also valued at home.  There are some documents below that give some top tips for supporting your child at home with reading and maths. 

PDF icon Supporting your child with maths at home

PDF icon Supporting your child with reading at home

The following links can also be used by parents to support children.  

Parents Support for Children with Mental Health Difficulties

Currently, there are significant concerns around the increase of children with mental health difficulties.  If you have any concerns, you may find the attached links useful.  You can also, of course, arrange a meeting with the school to share any concerns.

The Anxious Child