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Learning Assessors

 "All children have the right to a good quality education."

(Article 28, UNCRC).


I n Year 5, the children have an opportunity to apply to be part of the Manor Field Learning Assessor Team. The Learning Assessors work together with the staff and pupils to help our school to become even better. All the learning assessors believe that education is important, so they explore new ways to improve learning at Manor Field.


The role of the learning assessor includes:

  • Identifying lines of enquiry to follow;
  • Taking part in learning walks around the school;
  • Observing lessons;
  • Interviewing pupils about their learning;
  • Looking at work outcomes.


 Learning Assessors then work with the rest of the school community to continue to develop positive learning behaviours.


In the Spring term, the current team have been evaluating how the pupils' maths work is celebrated through school displays.