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Breakfast and After School Club

 Breakfast club


From September 2020, we will be running a Breakfast Club from 7.45am until 8.30am with breakfast provided until 8.10am.  The cost is £3.50 per session.   Please see the letter for further information and terms and conditions. 

Sessions must be booked and paid for in advance, please see details below. 

Terms and Conditions 


Extended after school club

We are delighted to offer an extended after school club from Sept 2020, this will be run by Mrs Barton, one of the junior school staff members.  


 - The club will run daily from after your child's class finishes until 5.45, Monday to Friday.

 - Booking must be made and paid in advance via Arbor and Tucasi, please see details below.  

-  For safeguarding reasons, only children who are booked in will be able to attend. 

 - There are 15 spaces available to book each day.


Terms and Conditions 


 - The cost per session will be £10 per child.  This will include a light snack.

 - Parents who arrive late to collect their child will be subject to a late fee.  Where there is persistent late collection, children will no longer be able to attend the club.

 - Club activities will include arts and crafts, board games and circle times.


Manor Field Junior School

Breakfast and Afterschool clubs booking and payments.


In response to parent requests, bookings for 2nd March 2020 and onwards can be made, and paid for, online.


At the start of each half term, you will receive forms via Arbor: these will be set out for each week of the half term.  Your child’s space must be booked and paid for by midnight on the Thursday before the week you are booking for.   Accurate numbers are necessary to ensure safeguarding, and to have adequate provisions (craft, materials and food) for the following week.  Ordinarily, bookings will be made and payment taken as above.  We do recognise, however, that there may be an occasional extenuating and unavoidable situation that requires a last minute booking.


Last minute bookings do disrupt the system and wherever possible need to be avoided.  If there were an emergency, you would need to phone the office to book the place.  There may be occasions when, due to staffing, number of children or other resource implications, a last minute booking  would not be possible.


Once you have booked your child’s place with Arbor, you can, if you wish, pay online via  Weekly ‘events’ are set up in Scopay and you will be able to make the necessary payment to confirm your child’s space at the club(s) on the day(s) required.  Again, this needs to be done by the Friday morning of the week before you are booking for.  Without payment, places will not be booked.


If you use childcare vouchers to pay for your child’s sessions, please do book their place by the online form in Arbor, then contact your voucher provider as usual.


If you use the Childcare Grant Payment scheme to pay for your child sessions, please book using Arbor, then pay for these sessions with Scopay at a rate of £1.65 per day for afterschool club, or 45p for breakfast club. 


Parents already using the clubs will be set up on Scopay so they can make payment.  If you are using the clubs for the first time, please contact the office so we can arrange this for you. 


We hope that you will find this new way of booking the clubs more convenient.  We aim for this is be available by the end of this half term.  If you do have any issues with the new booking system, please contact the office.  Be patient with us as the system is new, but, ultimately, we hope it will be easier for all.